Ulf Lindell



Selected Projects/Installations

 2005 The castle of Ulriksdal,.” Ad hoc art park project2” Stockholm, Sweden

2003 Djurgården. “Ad hoc art park project1” Stockholm, Sweden

2000 The garden of Rosendal, “Adams and Eve’s last outpost “Stockholm, Sweden

1996 Djurgården, “Moon water” Stockholm, Sweden

1993 Ad hoc gallery “Without title in blue” Stockholm, Sweden


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2015 APA Gallery “Sengångare”

2014 Ad Hoc Gallery / Stora Sveasalen “Kind of retrospective” Stockholm, Sweden

2012 Al Gallery St Petersburg, Russia

2011 Studio Dalmau Gallery São Paulo, Brazil

2008 Galeria Maria Theresa Vieira ”Inutil” Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

2007 Operating place gallery “Dancers” Stockholm, Sweden

2006 Ad hoc gallery “flowers of evil…or just an extrajudicial execution”. Stockholm, Sweden

2004 Ad hoc gallery “Parts and pieces” Stockholm, Sweden

2001 Edge gallery “Changing spaces” Stockholm, Sweden

1999 The art hall in Moscow A3 gallery “Documentation concerning the

dismantling of a houseboat” Moscow, Russia

1999 SITE (The school of economics in Stockholm) Stockholm, Sweden

“Documentation concerning the dismantling of a houseboat”

1995 Trampoline, The culture house “dip art” Stockholm, Sweden

1993 Norberg gallery “Seen from the corner of a sloth eye” Stockholm, Sweden

1990 Association confluences gallery “La Candelaria” Paris, France

1986 Tai chi gallery “Silent rooms” Bogotá, Colombia


Selected group exhibitions

2015 APA Gallery collective Stockholm Sweden

2012 Collector show in Washington DC The collection of Robert Shapiro. 3 items.

2007 The academy of art “The triennial of graphic” Stockholm, Sweden

2006 The culture house “KKV” Stockholm, Sweden

1999 Liljevalchs art hall “springtime show” Stockholm, Sweden

1993 Ray’s of light Paris, France

1992 The culture house “Child at heart project” Stockholm, Sweden

1991 Salon international Emilio Ollero

1990 Salon international Emilio Ollero